Timothy G. McClarren                         email: tim@7thheaven.org
2164 Hyde Street, #714                            phone: 415-674-3552
San Francisco, CA  94109                            fax: 415-674-3550
                                        www: http://tim.7thheaven.org

Summary of Qualifications
* 10 years of management experience.
* 20 years of programming experience.
* Successfully developed and released many major software
* Extensive use of network technologies, event-based I/O,
  simulation code.
* Extensive use of object oriented languages, including C++, Java,
  Objective-C, and object oriented frameworks.
* Created and collaborated on several open source software (OSS)
* Extensive experience with Linux.
* Able to quickly learn new technologies and tools.

November 2009 - January 2013
Chief Architect
Idle Games
Idle Games
  Idle Games develops high quality casual games, the "Pixar of
  casual gaming".
  Architected, designed, and implemented core components of a state-
  of-the-art distributed platform for delivering synchronous gameplay
  experience to an extremely large concurrent player base (million plus).
  The platform is a set of fully asynchronous evented services that
  communicate via a message passing infrastructure, and forms the
  foundation of delivering a massively multiplayer casual game
  experience across multiple game properties.
  Responsible for technical leadership of more than thirty people
  across three teams (distributed simulation, persistence, and client).
  Responsible for architecture, build-out, and deployment to production
  cluster (EC2 cloud environment).
  Responsible for release engineering, network operations, scale
  Responsible for internal development processes, including continuous
  Responsible for technology adoption decisions.
  Extensive use of C/C++, Python, event-based I/O, message queues,
  MySQL, Mongo, Redis.
  Built many core C++ libraries use across most back-end service
  endpoints and internal infrastructure components.

November 2005 - July 2009
Senior Software Engineer
Doppelganger, Inc.
  vSide is a virtual world with player-customizable cel-shaded
  avatars in a large world consisting of many urban environments,
  populated with nightclubs, cafes, gardens, plazas, galleries,
  apartment buildings, etc. (everything you'd find in a real world
  Designed and implemented "phone home" feature which allows us to
  gather important diagnostic information from a client after it
  has experienced a problem.
  Designed and implemented custom network protocols for
  communicating with persistence and world-state layer.
  Responsible for many important scalability and performance
  improvement pieces:
    Redesign and implementation of script bytecode interpreter
    Reduced client connect and load time by an order of magnitiude
    acheived by implementing a client-side caching mechanism and a
    client-side preload mechanism (2 minutes vs. 6-10 seconds)
    Server instance client capacity improvement from a baseline of
    60 client connections to over 400
    Many server instance performance and simulation improvements
  Responsible for server simulation code base and server-side
  implementation of client-facing features.
  Design and implementation of server to server authentication.
  Design and implementation of cross-platform POSIX threading API.
  Implementation of the "chat" feature and "profanity filtering".
  Implementation of the "buddy list" feature.
  Implementation of moderator features to allow a moderator to
  monitor players.
  Design and implementation of server-instancing which allows a
  server representing a particular world-space to be forked
  (replicated) and then load-balanced.

January 2004 - January 2005
BEA Systems, Inc.
Senior Software Engineer
Weblogic Workshop (version 9.0)
  Designed, architected, and implemented features for BEA's
  Java IDE product, Workshop, including code refactoring support,
  high-performance multi-file search/replace, source code
  control system integration with Perforce, CVS, Subversion,
  and Clearcase, application, workspace, project based build
  infrastructure, batch change and preview features, and
  task/progress framework.

July 2002 - present
Nominum, Inc.
Senior Software Engineer
Foundation Management Console (versions 1.0 - 2.4)
  Project lead.
  Designed, architected, and implemented Java-based application to
  handle address and namespace management tasks for large enterprise
  customers with millions of IP addresses and large numbers of names
  in the DNS namespace.
  Extensive use of Java and surrounding technologies (Swing, EJBs, XML,

August 1994 - January 1999
Netscape Communications Corporation
Software Engineer
Netscape Navigator and Netscape Communicator (versions 1.0 - 4.0)
  Designed, architected, and implemented first Macintosh version of
  popular Navigator browser from concept to deliverable.
  Integral part of team of engineers who pioneered the use of the web
  for commercial application.
  Architected and implemented user interface for browser,
  preferences, address book, bookmarks, mail and news, plug-ins, and
  implemented cross platform stubs for Macintosh.
  Designed and implemented user-interface components.
  Performed usability testing.
  Extensive performance analysis and tuning.
Client Customization Kit and 'Personal Edition' Account Setup
  Created kit to allow customizing 'look and feel' components of
  browser, and application 'wizard' to create new accounts and ease
  user setup of networking components.
  Extensive use of C/C++, using Metrowerks' CodeWarrior/PowerPlant,
  and Microsoft's Win32 SDK, with Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC),
  Java, JavaScript, LiveConnect, and DHTML.

August 1993 - August 1994
Sierra Software Innovations
Software Engineer
  Created UI class libraries for building user edition forms from
  database schema, backend class libraries for SQL queries to local
  and remote databases, UI components, and an optimized memory
  management library to replace Macintosh Toolbox memory manager.

April 1992 - August 1993
Software Engineer
  Created UI components for a sales-force automation application
  for Macintosh.
Newton Toolkit (NTK)
  Created UI for the Newton development environment for Macintosh.

December 1990 - April 1992
National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)
Research Programmer
  Created interactive groupware application for scientific
  data analysis, image processing, and visualization.
  Created an application for biochemists to draw stoichiometric
  diagrams and perform analysis of systems at equilibria.
Hierarchical Data Format (HDF) Viewer
  Created an application to view files saved in HDF, using Renderman
  to produce 3D views of data, for NeXTSTEP.
Ported HDF library to NeXTSTEP.
Participated in Apple's 1991 and 1992 Advanced Technology Group's
  External Research program, Accelerating Innovation.

August 1986 - December 1990
Mainframe and Workstation Administrator
Unix administration on Sun, DEC, SGI, Alliant, and and other
mainframe and workstation machines.
Support for network of several hundred Mac's and PC's.
Wrote an automated backup system using scripts.

  B.S. Computer Science Engineering
  University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 1990.

January 1999 - present
Independent Software Developer
Extensive use of C/C++, Java, in ongoing development of various
Web Drive
  Created a web application for allowing file storage and retrieval
  via a web server, with a very simple web interface.
Media Album
  Created a web application for quick and easy cataloging of images
  and movies, that allows simple user navigation of a large amount
  of content, and simple adminstrator edition by drag-and-drop.
  Uses PHP and DHTML, along with special image conversion software.
  Created a Linux application for XWindows which sniffs the network
  for active sessions of the popular game Everquest, and can
  interactively decrypt and display lots of information on multiple
  2D maps of the world environment not visible inside the game.
  Uses C/C++, pthreads on Linux, Qt application framework.
  Developed several custom websites driven by PHP and MySQL.
  Installed and configured Linux servers, with custom kernels,
  running RAID level 5, Apache, MySQL, Samba, Netatalk, Cyrus IMAP,
  OpenSSL, OpenLDAP, PHP, PHPNuke, Mailman, and many pieces of
  custom software.
  Built custom hardware.